Marva is currently a television host specializing in home shopping, infomercials, DRTV and reality television.  She has over 8 years of national, continuous, tv exposure.  This includes working for PoshTV, ShopNBC, and GemsTV. 

Marva has personally presented over 30,000 different products from all major retail categories including  jewelry, cosmetics, apparel and electronics. She has been seen for over 2,000 hours working on live, unscripted television programs. Prior to television, Marva was a national speaker for Toyota, a sales trainer for BMW and trade show narrator of many fortune 500 companies at their conventions. She is a former Raiderette and model.

Marva is uniquely capable of understanding the corporate decisions made behind the glitzy world of television production. She brings added value as on-camera talent because she has worked in executive level management, and has owned her own retail and Internet businesses.  She has business talent and television host charisma which delivers a great show every time.

Currently, Marva has finished writing her book, ‘How To Sell The Tough Stuff’ and she is completing her dramatic TV pilot ‘Shopping with Diana’.  She is an internet entreprenuer and a consultant to inventors.

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